Humanitarian Procurement Centre

The procurement of aid supplies for emergency assistance projects presents aid organisations with particular challenges. EU-recognised Humanitarian Procurement Centres (HPCs) provide very important support in this field.

HPCs are independent specialist organisations involved in procurement and logistics; they operate on a not-for-profit basis and are bound by the principles and regulations set out in the Humanitarian Procurement Centres' charter.

The benefit to NGOs of using HPCs can be found in the simplified awarding of contracts and in their direct accountability.

Aid organisations can concentrate on their own project work while HPCs take care of supplying materials. What's more, HPCs take on all of the risks associated with tendering processes and supply contracts. Donors can rely on the fact that the HPCs that they have licensed operate in conformity with regulations and with due regard to economy. A classic win-win situation.

BEGECA has been an EU-recognised HPC since 2009.