Friday, 7. June 2019

Additional information for Tender e-learning systems

Questions from tender participants and answers of the contracting authority:


Q1. In the BOQ document you have mentioned 1 Kit each for 45 Schools- We would like to know if the kit includes 1 Teacher Tablet, 1 Learner Tablet,1 Wireless Router & 1 Speaker?



Each school will have:

  1. One  KIT of 40 tablets (in a durable hardcover casing (lockable) with individual compartments for safe storage and charging all at once). This casing should also feature a sturdy handle for easy carrying for the purpose of transporting them between administration block and the classrooms for use by teachers and learners.
  2. One teacher tablet (Instructor (teacher) device (master)
  3. One  Wireless Access point router
  4. One  Audio Speaker (or audio speakers depending on the configuration)

Q2. Can we propose a better solution based on our experience which will bring down the ownership cost down? We have worked in similar areas and designed a solution which will deliver a local content access device with content loaded on it and which have a inbuilt wifi router, the content be used in classes using low cost tablets or projectors. This will save cost on the high end tablet procurement as well as the cost of updating the tablet’s content through internet. We can also create smart class using our solution.



In addition to minimum specifications  outlined in the tender, the Suppliers are free to propose alternatives separately. LWF is however not obliged to accept those


Q3. Do we need to quote for the e-learning content also? Or that will be procured by your agency? If it has to be quoted by us then please share the details of the same.



Yes, The electronic devices should come with already installed Competence Based Curriculum for Grades 1 to 3 approved by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD); a Ministry of Education  Agency,  for the following learning activities from KICD approved publishers:

  1. Mathematics Activities
  2. English Language activities
  3. Kiswahili Language activities/Kenya sign language
  4. Environmental Activates
  5. Hygiene and sanitation activities
  6. Psychomotor, (Movement) and creative activities
  7. Literacy activities
  8. Religious Education Activities (Islamic and Christian)

NB. The teacher master devices should also be installed with approved CBC teacher guides for the above activity areas.


Q4. We request you to give us an opportunity to present this solution of ours to your team in Kenya. We can do this in 2 weeks time.



A presentation is not possible whilst the tender is open. Selected suppliers will however be asked to showcase their proposed solutions after closure of the tender