Often, our partners and clients have already precisely determined their procurement requirement. If not, our technical planners can provide targeted consultancy services, and help facilitate a detailed selection of products and services.

With more than 40 years' experience in applying various nationally and internationally recognised tendering procedures, we are well aware that price cannot be the only factor influencing the decision to purchase. From your point of view, quality that is tailored to the specific application and to local conditions is just as important, as is the use of appropriate technologies and environmentally-sound materials.

Since our partners are often engaged in vocational training, the quality of the tools and materials to be used is especially important. Through close dialogue with you, our experts will help establish precisely which quality standards you expect.

In view of the considerable turnover made in some areas, we are able to procure many products directly from the manufacturer without involving any intermediaries. This means two things: particularly attractive terms and, in the event of queries or guarantee claims, simplified and professional processing.

Our quotations are always free of charge and without obligation to purchase.