Over the decades BEGECA has acquired numerous very different products. You could even go so far as to say that there is practically nothing that we haven't yet bought. That said, it is not BEGECA that decides what should be bought - it is our partners and clients who do so. it is our task to find the best product for special applications, having due regard to its suitability and price-performance ratio.

With this in mind we speak with manufacturers and let them know the particular requirements that our partners have. General conditions are often very different in host countries from those that are found in Germany. This means therefore that appropriateness for local conditions is a very important criterion when it comes to choosing products. It is entirely possible that less (electronics) can mean more (durability). We are also interested in the environmental impact of products, in how easy it is to maintain them and in how easy it is to obtain spare parts.

Product quality is an important issue for us. This means that we also take care over the qualification of suppliers, with regard to the production of generic medicines in developing countries, for instance.

It is also important to us that products are manufactured under fair conditions and, in particular, that child labour has played no part. This is a sine qua non when BEGECA is considering collaborating with a particular supplier.

We have provided information on BEGECA's website regarding the products that we buy most frequently. It is only a brief overview. Please contact us if your particular needs are not listed there.

You can download our Product Catalogue in PDF format with just one click below