New Technology to save energy

Renewable energy solutions like the BEGECA Power Tower contribute to reduce the cost of production of electricity and make even more sense if they are combined with efficient electric appliances. BEGECA supplies a range of a new generation of energy savers with amazing features.

LED the efficient way to save energy

The latest technology LED (light-emitting diode) lamps and LED-tubes allow energy saving up to 80%. An 8 Watt LED, for example, substitutes a 60 Watt light bulb. The lifetime of an LED is approx. 30-50 times higher compared to a light bulb. LED bulbs, tubes or flood lights are the ideal solution for schools, hospitals, offices, etc. They are ideally used in combination with solar energy solutions.

LED not only a winner in terms of energy efficiency

Under the direction of Prof. Thorsten Schneiders, the Technical University of Cologne and the Cologne Institute for Renewable Energy have installed energy-saving LED lamps and photovoltaic modules in St. Dominic's Hospital in Akwatia, Ghana. The hospital's interior areas, e.g. the children's ward and the surgical area, as well as the outdoor facilities are now equipped with LEDs. The energy-efficient interior and exterior lighting is intended to sustainably reduce the hospital's considerable electricity requirements.

But LEDs also provide better light: brighter, more evenly distributed and more comfortable compared to the previous neon tubes that needed to be replaced every three months. Their long shelf life of up to eight years also helps avoid environmentally hazardous waste.

Yesterday: SQL-Lamp, 125 W

Yesterday: SQL-Lamp, 125 W

Today: LED-Flood lights, 70 W

Today: LED-Flood lights, 70 W

LED replaces neon light tubes

LED replaces neon light tubes

Solar fridges      

The Steca PF166 is the most energy saving DC fridge and freezer combination for all DC and solar applications, also for medical clinics and medicine cooling. The device can be used either as a fridge or as a freezer.

Due to the latest A++ cooling technology in combination with optimised electronic regulation and compressor speed control Steca provides optimal use of energy. This leads to cost savings as the size of the necessary PV offgrid system can be reduced in comparison to other DC fridges.

User friendliness, highest quality, reliability and maintenance free long life time are important characteristics of this innovative product.

Computers & Notebooks

HP Desk Pro Mini: Small design.Full-sized functionality

The low energy consumption levels of less than 40W of this PC in combination with an energy saving LED monitor supports 24/7 operations.

 The HP Desk Pro Mini is equipped with a 4 GB memory and a 500 GB hardrive.

Ports: 4 USB 3.0; 2 USB 2.0; 1 RJ-45; 1 audio line out; 1 headphone; 1 microphone; 1 VGA; 2 DisplayPort

Multifunctional Gelprinters

The compact Aficio™SG 3100 SNw is ideally suited to small offices that need a versatile all in one multifunction printer. Featuring Ricoh’s innovative GELJET™ print technology the Aficio™SG 3100 SNw can fax, copy and print at 29 A4 pages a minute for almost the same cost as black-and-white output. Standard duplex functionality allows copy and print on both sides of a sheet plus full colour scanning. With less than 30W in operation a real energy saver.

 Also available as printer only.