Medicinal Supplies

Health care units and hospitals need large quantities of medical consumables. Despite improved levels of supply using local products - something in which BEGECA has played a part, by training local producers - only part of the range is manufactured locally to a good quality standard. Another challenge is ensuring that imported medicines meet the required quality standard.

Working together with international wholesalers, BEGECA can supply well over 40,000 medical articles from stock that meet high international quality standards. In addition to especially inexpensive generic medicines - which can also be supplied in bulk packages for hospitals where necessary - there is a wide range of instruments and consumables.

When it comes to equipping health care units BEGECA can supply new products adapted to the local market as well as reconditioned installation equipment.

An overview of the most frequent requested medicinal products can be downloaded here:

BEGECA procurement policy of essential medicines:

It is the policy of BEGECA as signatory of the HPC-Charter not to disrupt local markets. Products supplied by BEGECA should therefore –wherever feasible- be limited to those in national essential medicines lists or in national treatment guidelines of the receiving countries. In case that such guidelines do not exist, the Model WHO Essential Medicines list.