For quite a few years now BEGECA has been supplying its partners in the South with project vehicles that have been obtained directly from the manufacturer or from the manufacturer's official distributors. The manufacturer of vehicles supplied by BEGECA has ensured that they meet the specifications of the country concerned, thus ensuring there is no problem in obtaining spare parts. These vehicles also possess an official manufacturer's warranty provided by authorised repair workshops in the project countries.

BEGECA has concluded framework agreements for the following vehicle and motor cycle manufacturers:

Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota

Prices under the framework agreements are very lucrative as they take account of the fact that BEGECA procures more than 400 vehicles every year.

for most models we can also supply accessories and spare parts packages. It is often significantly cheaper to order these along with the vehicle rather than to procure them at a later date.

More vehicle brochures can be downloaded here: