Charly Simonis, 1. Vorsitzender des Solidaritätskreises Westafrika e.V. berichtet über seinen Besuch in Burkina Faso

Friday, 31. January 2014


Charly Simonis, 1. chairman of the Solidaritätskreis Westafrika e.V. reports on his visit to Burkina Faso

"We came back healthy and very satisfied from Burkina Faso on Monday. We drove 2,240 km through Burkina in 2 groups with 2 Toyota-Hilux vehicles delivered by BEGECA and inaugurated 31 Collèges (secondary schools) and 4 primary schools.

We have now built 197 primary schools in Burkina and will have built 126 collèges by the end of this year".

Charly Simonis, 1st Chairman of the Solidaritätskreis Westafrika e.V. (West Africa Solidarity Circle)

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