Die BEGECA unterstützt Krankenhäuser in den von Ebola betroffenen Ländern

Friday, 23. January 2015

BEGECA supports hospitals in the countries affected by Ebola

Much has been reported about the countries affected by Ebola. Little is known about how urgently needed protective materials and medicines get to where they are needed as quickly as possible.

BEGECA has purchased protective materials such as protective suits, face masks, rubber boots and disinfectants in large quantities in Europe and transports them by air freight from Cologne Bonn Airport to the affected countries. In cooperation with the UN, several freight aircraft were chartered for this purpose. The transport costs are borne by the UN.

Immediately after arrival, the local aid organisations, such as the Catholic Relief Service, take over the forwarding to the hospitals in the country. With this emergency aid, the hospitals can organize their work in the isolation wards during the first weeks. Further protective materials have been sent by sea by BEGECA to secure supplies for the coming months.

Urgently needed are also vehicles for the helpers and ambulances for the patients... Here BEGECA has access to stock in Gibraltar. Due to the short sea connections, the vehicles can be delivered at short notice.

Assistance will also be provided in countries bordering the countries most affected, such as Senegal and Burkina Faso. The Missionsärztliche Institut in Würzburg carries out prevention programmes there with funds from Misereor and the Federal Government in cooperation with the Robert Koch Institute in order to improve hygiene standards in hospitals and thus prevent the risk of epidemics. BEGECA also supplies equipment and medicines to these countries.